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Clay Boodjar

Process, York

Clay Boodjar

CAN developed a series of clay workshops to support Noongar community members to create a detailed diorama of figurines representing historic and contemporary depictions of the York Reserve, the river and town.

01 October 2019

Ngala Daa-Waangkiny

Event, Perth

Ngala Daa-Waangkiny

Ngala Daa-Waangkiny unified and amplified the voices of Rekindling Stories on Country participants with an innovative group exhibition and performance held during NAIDOC Week celebrations in Perth.

08 July 2019

Kwobadak Maar

Process, Northam

Kwobadak Maar

In 2016, CAN ran a series of creative workshops with the Northam Yorgas, a social craft group of Noongar women who meet weekly to craft, lunch and yarn.

05 July 2017

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