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Noongar Pop Culture

The Noongar Pop Culture project involved 2 phases that ran from 2013-2015. Project workshops empowered young Noongar students at Narrogin Senior High School to engage with contemporary music, dance, fashion design, photography and other artforms in order to explore and celebrate their creativity and culture.

The first phase focused on language revival, aiming to teach students their critically endangered language – Noongar. A team of Aboriginal artists, performers and role models met with students for a language based community arts workshop where students were inspired to learn their traditional language through hip hop, media and adapting contemporary pop songs.

The second phase involved a series of workshops in fashion design, dressmaking, upcycling (giving new life to old products), eco-dyeing, weaving, photography and dance. 17 students participated and showcased their new skills and handcrafted designs through exhibitions and a fashion photography shoot.

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