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The second phase of the Noongar Pop Culture project was a fashion design project involving 17 female students at Narrogin Senior High School in fashion design, dressmaking, upcycling (giving new life to old products), eco-dyeing, weaving, photography and dance.

The students were featured in a documentary, became involved in a fashion photography shoot, exhibited their handcrafted dresses in Narrogin, and in June 2015 the exhibition was brought to the Wanneroo Regional Museum in Perth.

Project Process

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Noongar Pop Culture Fashion Design

22 September 2015

Project Testimonials

“I was blown away by the enthusiasm and creativity that went into the outfit design and creation. But I particularly enjoyed seeing the students grow in front of the camera, from being paralysed with fear to being filled with confidence and hip and shouldering their way back onto the set for more!”

Project Outcomes

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