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Creative offshoots of CAN’s Lullabies program, the Djinda Djinda Kanangoor animated video and Djinda Djinda Community Choir were established to magnify awareness and understanding of Noongar - one of the world’s oldest languages.

Djinda Djinda Kanangoor is an animated video accompanying the recording in Noongar of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, created to inspire the earliest Lullabies. It was screened in locations around Perth, sharing Noongar language and culture widely.

Bringing people of all ages and backgrounds together in the name of celebrating Noongar language, the Djinda Djinda Community Choir was formed in association with Awesome International Arts Festival and presented two public performances of Noongar language lullabies.

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Project Process

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03 October 2019

Project Outcomes

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