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Healing Songs

Healing Songs started when a small group of community members in Quairading and Kellerberrin got together in 2011 for some songwriting workshops.

Elders in both towns had talked for a long time about running a music project as a way to tell and share their stories through song and develop their singing skills. Three years later in 2014, the album Shine: Healing Songs from the Heart and the Land was released, showcasing the beauty and magic of Ballardong Country through storytelling.

Award winning Noongar singer and songwriter Gina Williams with musicians Guy Ghouse and David Hyams guided the group from the beginning, with singing and songwriting workshops focused on developing new songs, honing the group’s performance skills and co-creating music.

In 2014 the group released its first album, entitled Shine: Healing Songs from the Heart and the Land, a soulful collection of professionally recorded ballads that tell stories of love, loss, life, culture and country. It was launched at the Midland Junction Arts Centre in October.

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