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Welcome to Balardong

Welcome to Balardong
By Community Arts Network
19 July 2019

In 2019, Welcome to Balardong was commissioned to provide an exciting new platform for the rich stories that had emerged during the clay sculpture project created by the York community the previous year.

Using the clay figures and articles created by participants, animator Steve Aiton and Noongar artist Bradley Kickett produced stop-motion animated sequences that were blended with narration by community storytellers. Director Mat Sav brought all the elements together to create an engaging short film that shared previously untold stories about Noongar life in and around York.

Welcome to Balardong screened at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art as a part of the Unfolding Acts; New Art from Taipei and Perth exhibition, with live storytelling sessions enhancing the audience experience.

The film was subsequently included in the Island Tales: Taiwan and Australia exhibition held at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. CAN creative producer Jess Wraight travelled with York community members Tracey Kickett and Audrey Narkle Nettle to present the film and share stories at the exhibition in Taiwan.

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