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Sharing lullabies builds new connections with First Nations culture in Mandurah

Sharing lullabies builds new connections with First Nations culture in Mandurah
By Community Arts Network
20 October 2021

Through the sharing of Community Arts Network’s Noongar Lullabies, members from diverse communities have been provided the opportunity to connect with First Nations culture on Binjareb country for Mandurah Arts Festival.

Under the guidance of highly acclaimed Noongar musicians and language facilitators, Charmaine Councillor and Phil Bartlett, 48 community members from 11 language groups have learnt 3 unique lullabies in Noongar.

During a series of workshops these lullabies were translated into many new languages including Persian, Esan, Tagalog, Indonesian and Igbo. Musician and facilitator Phil Bartlett reflected “It’s been really amazing to see people from different walks of life coming together, learning Noongar culture, learning Noongar language and just having fun.“

This unique intercultural exchange has provided an incredible opportunity for the community to share and learn from each other, building a sense of community between people throughout Mandurah. The friendships formed during this project will live on long beyond this project. “I encourage everyone to learn about someone else’s culture and if we do that, we’ll create better respect and understanding of each other. We all have music, we all have traditional songs from our cultures and this is a great way of celebrating how we can come together as a united group with those differences.” Charmaine Councillor

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The Noongar Lullabies and accompanying translations have been presented into a new songbook, Intercultural Lullabies Mandurah, and is available to be shared widely throughout Mandurah.

Free workshops at Make Place in Mandurah are giving the general public the opportunity to learn the lullabies from the songbook and connect directly with the diverse First Nations and intercultural communities in Mandurah. Workshops will be happening on Saturday, 30th and Sunday 31st of October from 1 to 3pm. Families and people of all ages are welcome to attend.

The project culminates in a final community celebration at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre on Sunday 7th of November, bringing together family members from different cultural backgrounds to celebrate diversity through language and song.

From 2pm take part in a variety of free, family-friendly multicultural workshops and activities.

From 3.30pm settle down with your picnic blankets and songbooks as the lullaby performance begins.

The City of Mandurah is proud to support the Intercultural Lullabies project, as part of the Mandurah Arts Festival 2021 program.

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