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Second Generation

Second Generation
By Community Arts Network
30 April 2021

Second Generation are the children of the first generation of Iranians who escaped religious persecution during the 1979 Iranian Revolution. A collective of Perth creatives, Second Generation encourages those who were displaced, and their children, to document and share their stories through different artistic mediums as a means of healing collective traumas and bridging generational gaps.

Mentored by Lee Kinsella and Emele Ugavule, Second Generation founders Asha Kiani and Elham Eshraghian-Haakansson led a series of workshops open to all members of the Iranian-Australian community. These workshops brought twenty-two participants, two elders, four storytellers and four industry professionals together to explore stories of displacement, identity and culture within the Iranian-Australian community. Asha and Elham trained participants in video art production and performance-making to help expand the participants’ arts skills and create artistic responses to the content they were exploring.

A range of creative pieces and stories developed by the community were presented in the collective’s debut exhibition, ‘Áváreh آواره & Found’ at PSAS in April 2021. ‘Áváreh آواره & Found’ provided an immersive experience amidst the pillars of the gallery. Truths were revealed through video and performance art, audio works, painting and sculpture. Each element confronted the notion of the ‘passive bystander’ and invited reflection of the personal stories of the Iranian-Australian community.

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