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Pojulu Community Association in WA

Pojulu Community Association in WA
By Community Arts Network
01 December 2019

The Dream Plan Do program empowered the Pojulu Community Association to create a series of opportunities for intergenerational cultural exchange and learning via the arts for the 100 participants who took part in the project. The Pojulu people know the challenges of finding a sense of belonging when you’ve been displaced from your ancestral home. Hailing from the central Equatoria region of Africa, the Pojulu people have been displaced by war, with many now living as refugees and migrants in other countries, including Australia.

This project enabled members of the Pojulu community living across Perth to come together to heal, share personal experiences and find solidarity within their people. Storytelling sessions and dance and drumming workshops facilitated dialogues between participants, leading to many positive outcomes including new friendships, skills development and strengthened connections within the community.

A final celebration attended by 400 people enabled the participants to share traditional food, dance, drumming and music with the wider community.

“Dream Plan Do allowed our community group to purchase extra drums so that we have the tools to practice our culture and keep our traditions going. This has meant a lot for our community,”
Lowrance Surur, Chairman, Pojulu Community Association in WA Inc.
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