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Equatoria Community

Equatoria Community
By Community Arts Network
03 May 2021

Equatorians hail from 36 different ethnic tribes in South Sudan. Despite speaking many different languages, the members of the Equatoria Community in Western Australia believe that unity leads to strength, peace and prosperity, which is especially important in light of the devastation caused by civil wars in South Sudan.

As part of Dream Plan Do, the Equatoria Community developed a cookbook of culturally significant dishes which are shared at important events, such as child-naming ceremonies, marriages and other celebrations. The aim of the project was to keep Equatorian culture alive through the sharing of these dishes, transfer cultural knowledge to younger generations, and to empower women to lead in their community.

Joyce Jakudu and Eunice Anyek led nine Equatorian communities and over 300 participants through the process of selecting dishes, writing down recipes and the associated cultural stories, recipe-testing, and sharing the dishes at community gatherings. They also oversaw the food photography and styling and edited the recipes.

Susie Vickery and Lemmy Basten mentored Joyce and Eunice, as they coordinated a highly capable team of women from the various Equatorian tribes to plan and deliver the community events, the cookbook and the launch of the publication in March 2021, which 450 people attended. Equatoria FECCA Radio live-broadcast the launch event to their listeners across Australia. The community is now working on developing a website to share the recipes with Equatorians across the world.

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