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CEOs to Farewell CAN

CEOs to Farewell CAN
By Community Arts Network
02 September 2021

CAN announces that our joint CEOs, June Moorhouse and Monica Kane, will be leaving their positions at the end of this year.

The pair took the opportunity to job-share the leadership role and now, six years on, they will be departing together. Monica and June are proud to have been trailblazers of this model which has allowed them to achieve their leadership aspirations whilst balancing other aspects of their lives.

Monica and June explain their decision is part of a long-planned leadership change and that the time is right to transition to a new CEO.

On behalf of the board, CAN’s Chair Pearl Proud congratulates Monica and June on their outstanding period of dedicated leadership and acknowledges their significant accomplishments during their time at the helm.

“They have steered the organisation with professionalism and compassion, establishing strong collaborative relationships and developing flagship programs, resulting in increased visibility. They have improved CAN’s financial position and governance and will leave the organisation in a stable position.

The incoming CEO will inherit an exciting, vibrant lead organisation with a highly skilled, committed team.”

Reflecting on their CAN journey, Monica and June expressed their pride in all that has been achieved.

“We’ve built a wonderful team here and have a diverse, robust and caring work culture. This has enabled Place Names and Lullabies to become flagship Noongar language programs that continue to gain momentum while the Dream Plan Do community arts mentoring program with culturally and linguistically diverse communities has had enormous social impact.

Establishing the Aboriginal Advisory Group and the ratification of a First People’s First reconciliation strategy have been important steps in CAN’s leadership within the arts sector and the wider community. Driving an intercultural strategy that brings all of this work together is some of the most exciting work we’ve done in our careers. Right now it’s vital for these intercultural relationships, experiences and the process of reconciliation to be ongoing.”

Monica and June leave behind strong and respectful community relationships, diverse sector partnerships, innovative programs and an energised, forward-looking organisation.

The board will be undertaking a national recruitment process for a new CEO/s which will be announced soon.

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