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Noongar Voices of the Central Eastern Wheatbelt

Noongar Voices

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Noongar Voices of the Central Eastern Wheatbelt was a three-part radio documentary series that shared the life stories of a group of people from the Central Eastern Wheatbelt. Airing on ABC Radio National in 2010, the project expanded on the Voices of the Wheatbelt project moving beyond photography into audio-documentary making.

The series was focused on extracts from oral history interviews conducted by Mary Anne Jebb and Bill Bunbury. As well as assisting Noongar people from the Wheatbelt to record their life stories, the project provided opportunities for the broader community to gain an insight into Noongar life in the Wheatbelt.

Thank you to the following project participants and speakers who generously shared their stories for this project:

Basil Winmar, Carol Riley, Carol Yarran, Charlotte Winmar Smith, Claude Hayden, Frank Walsh, Geoffrey Winmar, Hazel Winmar, Irene Jetta, Linda Champion, Marie Henry, Marika Hayden, Michael Hayden Sr., Michael Hayden Jr., Muriel Collard, Pamella Jetta, Reg Hayden, Tom Hayden, Tosha MacIntosh, Wendy Hayden, Winnie McHenry, Wyvon Henry.

"These programs present listeners with a rich tapestry of voices taken from oral history interviews. These are the real voices of people recalling their life experiences, their families and their history. They are the real sounds of the Central Eastern Wheatbelt people; an invitation to listeners to hear and share stories of sadness, everyday life and the sense of humour that got Noongars through.”

- Mary Anne Jebb, Project Producer

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