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Lullabies Bunbury Overview SQ

Charmaine Councillor with niece Mika Bennell recording Kaya Maaman


The third edition of Lullabies saw a unique partnership between CAN, the South West Aboriginal Medical Service (SWAMS) and Noongar Boodja Language Centre bring Bunbury-based Noongar families together, creating bush-dyed story dolls and an album of beautifully rendered Noongar language songs.

Working from a base at the newly opened Kwilenap Maternal Health Clinic in Australind, a series of workshops with Noongar facilitators built participants’ skills and confidence in Noongar language, song writing and dollmaking, along with the transformative power of sharing personal and family stories.

The 19 songs featured on Kwobidak Maawit: Noongar Lullabies from Bunbury are a celebration of connection with community, country and culture through language and music.

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Project Process

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Kwobidak Maawit Noongar Lullabies from Bunbury 7 web


Creating Kwobidak Maawit

14 November 2018

Project Testimonials

“This project was very helpful for our South West Noongar people to come together and express our language and hear from each other. Language through song is important to our people and I thank Community Arts Network for making this possible. I hope it continues and provides a gateway to our Elders and younger generations and our future kids and I hope that our men join in.”

Project Outcomes

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