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In 2016, a group of Aboriginal young people in Narrogin participated in a series of CAN workshops where they wrote and recorded the song 'Djarliny', which means 'listen' in Noongar. The group, who call themselves Burdiya Mob, also starred in the song's music video clip and behind the scenes documentary produced by CAN.

Filmed in and around Narrogin and featuring culturally significant sites, the music video is a celebration of contemporary and traditional Noongar culture.

Throughout this project, CAN gave the young participants access to an incredible line-up of professional artists: singer-songwriter Gina Williams, actor Ian Wilkes, hip hop artist Scott Griffiths, filmmaker Poppy van Oorde-Grainger and music photographer Matsu.

Elders and parents in Narrogin were also an integral part of the project, teaching the young people cultural practices such as tool making, kangaroo skin tanning, fire making, eco-dyeing, language and dance.

The Burdiya Mob project promoted language revival, cultural pride and creative skill development for this talented young group in Narrogin.

'Djarliny' had its national debut on Triple J and received rave reviews from the station’s hosts.

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