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The Hands That Worked The Land


Moorditj Maar Boodjar is a celebration of six Noongar Elders who came together to share stories and create clay sculptures that reference personal and family experiences in farming on Ballardong country, the Wheatbelt and beyond.

These works were showcased in CAN’s Clay Boodjar exhibition in September and October 2018 as part of the Act-Belong-Commit 2018 York Festival.

It was important to the group to craft their stories with local clay.

A bucket of red clay was sifted through and gathered from a pit behind the York Residency Museum. This was done with permission and supervision of Elder Merle Narkle Goodwin, and the museum. It was the very same clay pit that convicts once dug to make the bricks used to build the town. This was then blended with clay from local potter Stewart Scambler’s York property and Australian commercial clay, ready to be sculpted by the participants.

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