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Ngaalang Moort: Noongar Lullabies from Home Album


Ngaalang Moort (Our Family) is a compilation of stunning lullabies created by Noongar families in 2020, when the world was turned on its head and we couldn’t all meet together. CAN took the program online and directly into people’s homes, where these talented participants joined facilitators Charmaine Councillor and Phil Bartlett online to learn the basics of Noongar language and songwriting. Once everyone had their song written and learnt, they recorded their vocals at home ready for final studio production by Charmaine, Phil and sound engineer / musician, Sean Lillico. The conditions make this album an even more remarkable achievement by everyone involved!

These 15 songs reflect the personal experiences of the people involved. They are a celebration of moort (family), koort (heart), woonya (love) and a legacy for all.


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