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Interviews on Goreng Country


Interviews on Goreng Country for the MULKA Place Names Katanning, filmed by Michael Jalaru Torres in August 2019.

Mulka Place Names Katanning is a creative exploration of the stories behind Noongar place naming in the Katanning area.

The story of Mulka is significant for its place within the greater Noongar Dreaming, a story that has been handed down for generations. Mulka’s story is found within the Noongar place names surrounding the Katanning area. The names of places are not so much a word but a sentence of deeper meanings embedded in boodja [country]. The morals of this story relate to the social organisation of the Noongar people including marriage laws, protection of koolangahs [children] and caring for boodja [country]; to preserve our continuity with our land and our people.


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