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Since 2017 CAN has worked with Noongar artists, Elders and their families to shape the Lullabies program, reviving Noongar language through stories, music and song. Lullabies focuses on the creation and recording of original songs, written and performed in language by the Noongar community.

Songwriting, dollmaking and yarning have enhanced the understanding and sharing between generations, eliciting songs that honour family stories, memories and connections. More than 50 original songs have been written and recorded as a part of the Lullabies program, each song enabling the next generation to form a deeper connection to their language, culture, and community.

With each face-to-face ‘edition’ of Lullabies – at Midvale, Collie, Bunbury and Mandurah – CAN has partnered with local community organisations such as child care centres and the South West Aboriginal Medical Service to support Noongar families to participate. In 2020, Lullabies online offered another way of delivering this unique and much-loved program.

All songbooks and albums produced during the project are available free of charge and available to order online.

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