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Intercultural Lullabies Bunbury Songbook


Intercultural Lullabies Bunbury has been a celebration of language and culture through song.

Under the guidance of highly acclaimed Noongar musician and language facilitator, Charmaine Councillor alongside Filipina singer-songwriter Zairyn Burke, the Bunbury community were invited to participate in Intercultural Lullabies.

Over the past four months the Intercultural Lullabies team have been working with Noongar and intercultural communities in Bunbury to create lullabies in multiple languages. This participatory experience provided a way of transferring knowledge, language and culture between community members with an overall aim of improving inclusion and understanding between people throughout Bunbury.

This songbook honours the contribution of over 75 community members from 16 language and cultural groups.

We welcome you to join in and sing!


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